The Pedemontana route

The Pedemontana route



This route runs between two rivers that have traditionally shaped the geography and also the history of Western Friuli: the Livenza to the West and the Tagliamento to the East.

The Livenza, which was traditionally been referred to in the feminine form in Italian and has only recently become masculine, acts as a bridge between the Venetian and the Friulian cultures.

The Tagliamento is the most important watercourse in Friuli. It is the last wild river in Europe and has always shaped the territory around it. Between the two rivers lies a mosaic of landscapes, colours, local cultures, flavours and folklore.

‘Pedemontana’ is the name of the foothills of this area, that will flank your path like a chain. Instead of blocking the view like a wall, the Pedemontana will amaze you with views of ever-changing hills and mountains, a land punctuated by villages and hamlets embedded in their respective valleys with streams and wild vegetation.

All the villages on the hills are close to each other and yet surrounded by woods with plenty of trails. The language and pronunciation vary slightly from hamlet to hamlet, ranging from Venetian dialects to the Friulian language, a testimony to the diversity that has always permeated the architecture, human activity and the way of life of this land.

The 150-kilometre route from Caneva to Spilimbergo runs through a rich and varied natural and cultural landscape, built up over the course of hundreds of years. The rivers and streams have served as routes of communication, have contributed to the development of crafts and industry and have given rise to a rich folklore full of legends. When wandering through the woods, watch out for an Agana, a female spirit who lives by the water, or some other spirit of the forest…

While you learn all about the tales and the history of this land between the rivers and its people, don’t forget to sample the local food and wine: for centuries, the locals have used their creativity to make the most of what their land has to offer.


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