How to get around

The Cammino di San Cristoforo (St Christopher’s Way) is the ideal place to experience slow, sustainable tourism.

Part of the route runs along the historic tourist railway from Sacile to Gemona and follows some sections of the FVG 3 bike trail, using already existing tracks, roads and footpaths to bring you closer to the area’s rich heritage.


How to get to Pordenone

You can reach Pordenone by train: the local railway station is on the Venice-Mestre-Udine-Trieste line. From Pordenone you can reach the various destinations on foot or by public bus operated by the regional company TPL FVG (


How to get to Stevenà di Caneva

From the Sacile railway station you can follow a marked trail to the village of Caneva.

By bus from Pordenone or Sacile. Here you can find the timetables of the regional transport company TPL FVG:

You can also combine different modes of transport and take the train from Pordenone to Sacile, then from Sacile you can either walk along the marked trail or take the local bus operated by TPL FVG

Once you are in Spilimbergo, the return journey to Stevenà di Caneva can be made by taking the local bus service


How to get to Spilimbergo

By bus from Udine, Pordenone and Maniago with the TPL FVG bus company


How to get around the Pedemontana

The Sacile-Gemona railway runs along the foothills, from Sacile to Maniago; the stations closest to the Cammino are located in Santa Lucia di Budoia, Aviano, Montereale Valcellina and Maniago.  (

From Maniago to Pinzano there is a bus service in place of the train, with stops at Fanna-Cavasso, Meduno, Travesio and Pinzano al Tagliamento. (

Bus timetables can be found on the website of the regional transport company TPL FVG

NB: It is advisable to double-check bus timetables especially during holidays and the days leading up to them, as the service along the Pedemonatana can be considerably reduced.

Some accommodation providers can arrange to pick up or drop off guests at their next destination on request.

Bike rentals

Aviano – E-njoy Aviano  –    +39 329 2139010

Aviano – Land Bike  –    +39 0434 651160

Maniago –  Cicli Mauro Maniago Bike World –  +39 392 0616618

Maniago – Piazza Sport –  +39 0427 71439

Maniago – Pontello Sergio  –  +39 0427 71472

Meduno – Cooperativa di comunità Insieme –  –  +39 379 1599541

Pordenone- Ciclotime  –  +39 0434 365441

Spilimbergo – Donolo Giovanni – +39 0427 926011  –   +39 335 6778521

Vito d’Asio, hamlet of Anduins –  Emotion Arzino – –   +39 339 163 4971