Pedemontana Route - Stage 1 - from Stevenà to Polcenigo

Pedemontana Route - Stage 1 - from Stevenà to Polcenigo

Gps Track

Gps Track

  • Start: Stevenà
  • Arrival: Polcenigo
  • Total Length: 18,7 km

Right at the beginning of the route, our territory reveals two of its treasures, relics of a thousand-year history and jewels of biodiversity at once: the UNESCO  World Heritage site Palù by the Livenza river, and the San Floriano Rural Nature Park.

You will be greeted and gently soothed by a hilly countryside, dotted with olive trees and Caneva’s typical ficus trees (‘figomoro’).

On the edge of the Friulian plain, visit the Palù area, one of the oldest pile-dwelling sites in northern Italy, dating back to 5000 BC.

Close to the peace and harmony of this UNESCO Site is the Santissima, an old church by the springs of the Livenza river. The natural beauty of these places has been recognised since ancient times.

From here you can reach the San Floriano Park in Polcenigo, which extends on a hill overlooking the water meadows (‘marcite’) that had been used by friars since the Middle Ages. The park is a green oasis for families and those seeking a moment of peace. A decades-long local project has succeeded in combining the restoration and promotion of local fruit and plant varieties and animals with a wide range of leisure, play and educational activities.

In addition to nature, you can appreciate examples of local culture and art, like the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Persego in Stevenà, linked to popular religious traditions.

A little further on, in Caneva, look up and follow the road uphill to the remains of the medieval castle that dominates the town, where you can have a picnic or enjoy the view of the Friulian and Venetian plains that stretch out to the sea.



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