The Val Meduna loop

The Val Meduna loop



The Val Meduna route is probably the most hidden and sheltered part of the Cammino.

Leaving the plain behind, you enter a different dimension populated by small hamlets, woods, water and stones, a series of slopes that become more demanding for your body and more liberating for your soul as you progress. This valley is the right place to linger in contemplation and surrender to genuine amazement.

Meduno welcomes you as the gateway to this valley of wonders, a tiny village made up of various hamlets tied together by a thousand trails, like a group of islands in a sea of trees. It is the starting point for excursions into the mountains; from the trail, you can enjoy the view on the Prealps and the Alps to the North, as well as on the Friulian plain to the South as far as the Gulf of Trieste, where it meets the Adriatic Sea.

Mount Valinis is the highest point of the Cammino, a place where ‘wind travellers’ like to leap off with their hang gliders and paragliders, floating in the air like the birds of prey do in this mountain area. From this vantage point, you can admire the pebbly bedsides of the Meduna and the Tagliamento, the last wild river in Europe.

Once you leave the highest part of the trail and Meduno behind, you will be welcomed into a cosy realm, a world made up of small, quiet villages, some of them uninhabited, which still bear the memory of a time when man lived in perfect symbiosis with the elements. Living forces, such as rocks, trees, meadows and water ponds with their colourful reflections will amaze travellers like you who seek something deeper than the surface.



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