Guides, Travel Agencies & Tour Operators

If you want to go on a guided tour or take part in a guided hike, an organised trekking tour or design your tailor-made adventure along the Cammino, you can contact our operators. They will be happy to assist you and help you create the best experience for your trip:



In addition, LaLunaTurismoEssenziale by Selene Millo is your go-to travel designer if you are looking for someone to plan your itinerary and provide the logistical support to get the most out of the Cammino. On request, Selene can select and book the right accommodation for you, arrange luggage transport and transfers between different points along the route.


Selene specialises in designing itineraries and experiences related to active travel (trekking and cycling) as well as food and wine tourism.


She can take care of your tailor-made tourist experience organising activities for each stage, at the end of your excursion days or as a final reward for completing the entire Cammino.

Some examples of activities you can enjoy during or after the tour? Visits to local producers and craftsmen, tasting sessions, laboratories (mosaics, felting, ceramics, etc.), sports and much more.

As the service is completely bespoke, prices will be on a per request basis and will be agreed in advance of service provision.

To find out more or to request a personalised consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Selene Millo:


  • E-mail: laluna@turismoessenzialeit.
  • Mobile phone: +393475206431
  • Social media presence:

Facebook: laLuna- turismo essenziale

Instagram: @lalunaturismoessenziale