The Magredi route

The Magredi route



Step into the realm of the Magredi, a place lost in time and space, and be prepared to experience a sense of remoteness just a few steps away from modern civilisation. Just around the corner from the city streets, you will find yourself in a steppe reminiscent of Asia in the heart of Europe.

The ‘Magredi’ are a scrubland ruled by space and silence, as some say, the perfect place if you are looking for solitude and seclusion without being completely cut off from the rest of the world. It is only necessary to walk along the roads and paths that lead away from the centres of the local towns and villages and you will find yourself in the “middle of nowhere”, an empty space that modern men and women are rarely familiar with, as our lives are often too full of too many things.

Water seems to be nowhere to be found in this deserted place. It is therefore advisable to travel this route during the mild seasons, especially in spring, when the unexpected blooming of flowers of unpretentious beauty will captivate your mind and dispel negative thoughts.

Just a few steps away, the source of life is again to be found. A delicate and magical place welcomes you, the groundwater springs (‘risorgive’) by Cordenons that allow plants, trees and animals to flourish in this otherwise harsh environment.

After contemplating and enjoying this landscape made of stones and water, another form of nourishment, perhaps more mundane but equally important, is in order. There is an ‘osteria’ (village tavern) that proudly preserves its authenticity, and also a local restaurant nearby, where the good of the land is elevated to excellency and the experience of this rare and precious environment is enhanced and sublimated.



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