Val Meduna Route - Stage 2 - Campone-Tramonti-Palcoda-Campone

Val Meduna Route - Stage 2 - Campone-Tramonti-Palcoda-Campone

Gps Track

Gps Track

  • Start: Campone
  • Arrival: Campone
  • Total Length: 22,5 km

Perhaps the most demanding stage of the route, this is the opportunity to discover the Val Tramontina and its natural and historical heritage.


The itinerary has it all: unexpected views of Lake Redona, ups and downs in the solitary woods, the peace and quiet of a little-known area, and the chance to discover more lively and vibrant places, such as Tramonti di Sotto.


In fact, by reinventing itself with quality activities and events that combine art, craftsmanship, farming, tradition and innovation, this small village is resisting the demographic decline typical of mountain areas and attracts artists, families and travellers from many parts of Italy and beyond.

Along the way you will come across another hamlet, Pàlcoda, once a thriving commercial hub from which merchants set their travels to the German-speaking countries all the way up to the Netherlands.

This small village, abandoned for decades, with its beautiful, recently restored church, tells of the wealth of times gone by, of a valley with dozens of villages with their refined secular and religious buildings.

The small-scale mountain tourism is reviving the Val Tramontina; nature has become the key to its success, and it is now the ideal place for trekking and hiking.



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