The Project

The Way of St. Christopher, an initiative proposed by Dr. For. Luisa Cappellozza and Arch. Giorgio Viel, accepted and supported by the GAL Montagna Leader, the Curie of Concordia Pordenone, Vittorio Veneto, Belluno-Feltre, the FVG Region through the tourism department, the UTI Valli e Dolomiti friulane and Livenza Cansiglio Cavallo and Friulovest Banca, is to be considered a resource to be brought into the system to structure and promote an offer that is attractive for a slow, an plein air, responsible and sustainable tourism in the area.
Partners in the project are also Promoturismo FVG, which accompanied the phase of involvement of local structures, and AITR for the training and awareness of local communities.
The Walk experiments with a new form of territorial management and can respond to spiritual, cultural motivations or simply to the desire for slow and sustainable tourism, allowing one to intimately appreciate the environment and landscape traversed, to get to know the people, the natural peculiarities, the rich artistic heritage, the active agricultural and productive activity, as well as the rich local food and wine offerings. In fact, the intention is to promote soft mobility based on greenways and the multimodal use of railways, favouring microeconomic opportunities for the communities living in these rural and mountainous areas.